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KDE-edu Marble Quickstart

Getting Started

  • Click on the desktop icon in the “Navigation and Maps” folder to open Marble. You will see a window like this:


You can:

  1. Scale the globe by rotating the wheel at your mouse. To move around press the left button of your mouse and move it.
  2. Marble has got 11 different views:
  • Atlas
  • OpenStreetMap
  • Satellite View
  • Earth at Night
  • Historical Map 1689
  • Moon
  • Plain Map
  • Precipitation (December)
  • Precipitation (July)
  • Temperature (December)
  • Temperature (July).
To switch them click one of entries in “Theme” list in “Map View” tab.
  1. Press a label in any place to view more information about it.
  1. Close panels by clicking the cross at the top-right corner of the panel. To close all the panels press “F9” or go to “Settings->Panels->Hide All Panels”. Also you can show/hide a panel by clicking it’s title at the “Settings->Panels” menu.
  1. To find a location, enter its name into the search line on the top of “Search” panel. As you start typing, suggestions below the search line will appear like this:
  1. Use bookmarks in Marble to remember the location of something. To add a bookmark press the left button of your mouse and click “Add bookmark”. After it a window will appear like this:

See the Marble homepage for more help.

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