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Geomajas Quickstart

Sample Geomajas Application

Geomajas itself is an application framework allowing you to build very diverse and advanced web GIS solutions.

On this OSGeo Live DVD we have included a ready-to-use Geomajas Application. This application features a map, navigation controllers, several data layers, a ribbon toolbar with GIS tools and the Layer Tree.

Geomajas Showcase

Starting the Geomajas Application

  • Go to the “Browser Clients” folder on the desktop.

  • Click on the desktop icon “Start Geomajas”.

    This will launch the FireFox browser which will navigate to the correct location automatically.

  • Play with it and have fun!

Customizing the Geomajas Application

If you want to use this sample application to build and customize your own Web GIS solution … please visit The download page always features the latest and greatest sample applications, documentation, tips and tricks to roll-your-own.

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