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EOxServer Quickstart


EOxServer is a server for presenting big Earth Observation (EO) data archives and metadata via Open Standards. It builds upon an Open Source stack of software which includes Python, MapServer, Django/GeoDjango, GDAL, PROJ.4 and a SpatiaLite or PostGIS database.

This Quick Start describes how to:

  • View, filter, subset, and download EO data via EOxServer’s Web Client
  • Register EO data archives via EOxServer’s Admin Client

See the EOxServer Overview, the local EOxServer documentation, or the online EOxServer documentation for more information.

EOxServer documentation

Demonstration Instance

The icon labeled EOxServer filed under Web Services launches a browser showing the demonstration instance available at http://localhost/eoxserver/ which provides the same data as the one available online.

EOxServer demonstration start

Web Client

The Web Client link allows you to see a list of available Dataset Series and Stitched Mosaics. The demonstration has one Dataset Series configured named “MER FRS 1P RGB reduced” holding three ENVISAT MERIS scenes. Please refer to the online demonstration documentation for more information on the available data.

EOxServer demonstration embedded client dataset series selection

Selecting a list entry provides you with a map view showing the outlines of the available Datasets.

EOxServer demonstration embedded client outlines

Using the standard OpenLayers controls you can enable also previews of the available data. Click on the (+ on the upper right side of the window to get a later selection listing; to zoom either use the mouse wheel or hold down the shift key while left-click dragging a box on the map canvas.

EOxServer demonstration embedded client outlines and previews

With the Date slider the Datasets shown can be limited to the time interval of interest.

EOxServer demonstration embedded client date change

The Download button provides you a list of downloadable Datasets. Downloadable means within the set Bounding Box or currently viewn map extent if not set and the set time interval. You can select which Datasets to download in which size, projection, format, and band subset.

EOxServer demonstration embedded client download selection

Start Download initiates the actual download which might result in multiple files if multiple Datasets have been selected.

EOxServer demonstration embedded client download

Admin Client

The Admin Client link brings you to the login page for the Admin Client. The password for the user admin is admin.

EOxServer demonstration admin client login

The Admin Client is Djangos standard admin and allows you to configure the available data. Please feel free to explore the client. More information can be found in the operators’ guide.

EOxServer demonstration admin client start

It is for example possible to view and alter the EO Metadata Entries of the configured Dataset Series.

EOxServer demonstration admin client EO Metadata

Log Viewer

The Log Viewer link provides an easy way to view the latest log entries.

EOxServer demonstration log viewer

What Next?

This is a simple demonstration, but you can do much more with EOxServer. The project website contains a lot of resources to help you get started. Here’s a few resources to check out next:

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