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Browser/Mobile Map Library And GIS Client

OpenLayers3 is a light-weight mapping library for web and mobile clients which users modern browser technologies, such as HTML5, WebGL and CSS3.

OpenLayers3 is a complete rewrite the previous robust and widely deployed OpenLayers2 library. They both offer an extensive set of features that cover basic to advanced web mapping and GIS requirements.


Core Features

  • Layers
    • Raster: WMS/WMTS, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, Stamen, Bing, static images, etc.
    • Vector: WFS, KML, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, GPX, and IGC.
    • Heatmaps.
    • Render vector layers as raster.
  • Controls and Interactions
    • Map overview, zoom slider, zoom in/out buttons, scale line, rotation, etc.
    • Map pan, zoom and rotation, feature selection, modification, etc.
  • Styling and customization
    • Powerful styling of features: points, lines, polygons and icons.
    • Customize controls look and feel using CSS3.
  • Overlays
    • Render any DOM element at any place on the map.
    • Great flexibility to create tooltips and markers.
    • Mix the power of HTML5 capabilities with a mapping application.
  • Events
    • Attach listener functions to react against map events.
    • Create your custom controls or interactions.
  • Misc
    • Mobile browser support.
    • Light weight library. Build customized packages to reduce size.
    • Render maps using different technologies: Canvas, WebGL, DOM.
    • Raster analysis (change hue/saturation).



License: 2-clause BSD License (aka FreeBSD License)

Software Version: 3.0.0

API Interface: JavaScript


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