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IPython Notebook

Mixing rich media in presentations


IPython Notebook is a web-based application for creating and publishing IPython notebooks. IPython notebooks contain a list of input/output cells which can contain code, text, mathematics, plots, maps and other media.

They are a bit like a spreadsheet in that each cell can contain code or a formula, and a bit like a web page in that authors can create structured text along with easily embedding rich and sophisticated media. This includes a comprehensive range of geospatial functions from a number of libraries.

IPython notebooks are particularly useful for quick prototyping; embedding presentation text, code, formulas, plots, maps, and more all from the one document; sharing this document easily; publishing this complex information professionally as interactive web pages, presentation slides, PDF, and more.

Core Features

  • Create iPython notebooks which contain:

    • Marked up text (with headings, styles, paragraphs, etc)
    • Formulas, mathematics, plots, maps, ...
    • Ability to import external libraries to add extra functionality,
    • Ability to incorporate code from multiple programming languages, including python, R, Julia, Haskell and many more.
  • Access a wide range of geospatial functions:

    • SciPy Matplotlib, IRIS Cartopy, gdal, Geopandas, pyshp, Fiona, netCDF4, PostgreSQL psycopg2, R rpy2, and more.



Licence: BSD license

Software Version: 2.3

Supported Platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows

API Interfaces: Python

Support: (Under Community heading)

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